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/his/ + /y/

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Is Sparta /ourcitystate/?
>ἔρος, or masculine love, was expected amongst the ranks of the military and seen as beneficial because they fought harder to keep their lover alive, similar to the Sacred Band of Thebes
>On the night of consummation of the marriage between a Spartan man and woman, it was customary for the woman to shave and dress up like a soldier so she wouldn't confuse her husband
>Spartans were so gay there was a public program of "wife-sharing" which was an attempt at getting the population up
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Blond thread

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Post yours shit
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Previous >>2406766
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Final Fantasy XV

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Continued from >>2412686
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Voltron Thread

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Old thread >>2426011
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Translation containment thread

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> Post all translation requests here
Thread to contain all the other "Please translate X for me" threads.
Keep things 1 page/ image, don't flood the thread.
Remember to thank the translators
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Bondage Thread

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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old thread-> >>2422169
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CN Thread

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A place to post glorious Porn of Cartoon Network shows. Let's see what you've got.
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Bonus points for bara, muscle pics
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