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So there is this song, which is already extraordinary by itself. (It's real good though, just like the game from what I remember)

The thing that's driving me crazy is that the first 8 seconds of it remind me of some other song and for some reason I can't really find out which one is it. Would really appreciate if somebody can help out and actually remembers the title instead of just some chords.

Here's what we're talking about. From 0:00 till 0:08.

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My iphone froze in august 2017 had to do a factory reset and the latest back up was from nov 2016... anyway to get back text messages for 2016 nov - august 2017?

A Quest for Memes

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I need to collect some memes to print off and cut down to the size of the artwork on a TCG card. If it can be sized to the correct size (2" x 1.5"), I will resize it myself.

I vow to print off everything posted in this thread assuming it fits the size requirements and share it with my playgroup.

Please assist!

is there full art of this?

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it's a screencap of a mobile game called Dungeon & Girls and i like the artstyle but cant find or dont know where to look for the individual images, preferably renders, but just high-res without those semi-transparent cards in the way would be great, thank you!

Oldschool moe anime?

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K-On is widely considered the starting point of the moe trend. That doesn't mean it was the first series that did that, though. Moe was present in anime much earlier than that. Can you help me compile a list of pre-K-On anime that have characters designed and written in such a way they could fit into the modern standards of what "moe" is? What I'm looking for are series with characters (especially female characters) that have colourful, visually appealing appearance, combined with a very naive, childish behaviour, written pretty much to be as cute and adorable as humanly possible. Everything from 2006, down to 1950s works. The more examples you're able to find, the better.

So far I've got:

>Ichigo Mashimaro (2005)
>Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar (2001)
>Binzume Yousei (2003)
>Chobits (2002)
>Di Gi Charat (1999)
>Read or Die OVA (2001) (Yomiko is kinda moe)
>Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan (2006)
>Mai-Hime (2004) (Mikoto is a typical moe catgirl through and through)
>Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu (2001)

I'm aware that it's probably not as interesting as that "full frontal nudity in non-h anime" thread we had over here a few weeks ago, but I hope I can count on the help of local anime know-it-alls. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Joaquin Phoenix is in a movie and there's a fucking spider on the wall thre size of a horse. What is this movie and why cant I find it