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With the franchise being more dead than ever, let's dwell on the comfy game that is Half-Life.
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How accurate is this thing?
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Quake Thread

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Thread for QUAD DAMAGE

Which game had the best Multiplayer?
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>no good fighting games
>no good shoot'em up
>no good rpg
>literally a bunch of collectathons, no real platforms
>can't do FMV without struggling
>can't do good music without struggling
>cartridge = limited space
>the joypad is terrible
Is the N64 one of the worst console ever made?

Not joking, serious question
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/ds/ Dungeon Siege - Thread

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Can we have a thread about this game?
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The Bear Pits

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In the previous thief thread an anon and I were playing FMs in a chronological order. The Skull of Lysander was next. Anyone who wants to join?

Perhaps this question is better asked on /his/, but how were criminals organized back in medieval times? How was the relation between the underworld and overworld?

Maybe we can even talk about Dromed?
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>Akira Kitamura uses the Dragon from Little Samson as his avatar
>The tablet has the tapir from Cocoron

...what does this mean?

He officially has no credit for Little Sampson. It was made at Takeru, a company he co-founded with others. It has obvious Mega Man influence, and even a shoutout to MM2's Dragon enemy. Perhaps he directly worked on it after all, maybe even in the early planning stages?

Mobygames identifies "Hirokita" as "Hiroshi Kitamura". What if he actually is Akira Kitamura?,319044/

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>no platformers
>no good shooters
>no good adventure games
>no good puzzlers
>literally a bunch of autistic JRPGs and arcade ports
>heavy use of shitty, compressed FMV that aged like semen
>most games have shit music
>CD format = insane loading times
>most of the games don't even support analog
Is the PS1 one of the worst console ever made?

Not joking, serious question
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Build engine games

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New thread.

Discuss your autistic love or retarded hate of Derelict, The Abyss, Sentry Drones, Shadow Ninjas, Blood Cultists, Redneck Rampage Sewers, Allen Blum or Hendricks266.
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