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>blond braid

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What's your favorite Trainer class and which Generation of them is your favorite?

Hikers have been my favorite since Gen 1 and Gen 7's Hikers are so damn adorably hunky.
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/G&S/ the wait is finally over edition

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Welcome to Gold and Silver general, for all your Gold and Silver needs. For anons looking for gold and silver commodities trading general we would like to take this opportunity to redirect you towards /biz/, as this thread is solely dedicated towards the best pokemon games, Gold and Silver.

Welp lads, the wait is finally over and the VC release is up, the weeks of hype have come to an end and rewarded us all with this wondrous opportunity to experience Gold and Silver as a community.

Please feel free to use this thread for any gen 2 related questions and thoughts, but to get us started below are some questions;

Hows your vc run going anons?
>How far have you travelled?
>Which starter did you eventually pick?
>Hows your team looking?
>Found any shinies yet?
>You having any difficulties or experienced any surprises yet?
>What are some upcoming areas you looking forward to?
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Its phox friday lads
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>Don't like a pokémon

>For a reason or another end up using it ingame or competitively
>End up liking it, even its design which at first you disliked

What's its name?
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Will she be relevant in USUM? I'm tired of GF cucking her over and over again. Maybe she will be the one that fights the Necrozma-forms
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Does Mystery Gift work or not?

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What's his name again?
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>400 Pokemon
>Photo Club
>"New" trials

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>Lurantis was so hard!
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