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I just can't do it.

I've beaten Demon's souls all the way through Dark souls 3 including Bloodborne

And this monster of a game is destroying me
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Isle Delfino is in Mario Odyssey

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>co-workers start talking about videogames
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So now that DOOM has been brought to a Nintendo console again, what are the chances of Id developing another Doom exclusive? Or even a VC release of Doom 64?

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who here knows about that german loli game?

pic related
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Why is this allowed again?
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Who's your favourite FE?
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>skyrim for switch
>skyrim vr
>fallout 4 vr
>launch of Creation Club in fallout 4
>starfield (delayed to 2018)
It's been a busy year for /ourguy/ Todd, wasn't it? We have to show our appreciation of his work with our hard-earned money, have you pre-ordered at least one upcoming BGS game yet?