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Moon is no egg edition

Previously on /got/ >>88047687
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Well, /tv/, what does it say?
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/tpg/ - Twin Peaks General:

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The Chad Laura vs. The Virgin Audrey Edition

Meanwhile: >>88025234
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Can we get a thread dedicated to out of work actors, Actors that just couldn't make it.
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>The absolute state of late night talk shows
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>"Godfather II does nothing for me. Scarface is way better!"

James Rolfe confirmed for king of plebs? Suddenly the quality of his movie makes more sense now.

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Why did Dante get so angry when he learned that his completely faithful girlfriend had previously performed fellatio on 36 men before? It's not like she was cheating on him. Plus that was her past. Pretty childish to be honest.
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Family Guy jokes you didn't understand
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