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Hey /trv/

Heading to Bangkok in a few weeks. Staying in an AirBNB close to the Sukhumvit BTS.

I don't really have a plan as far as what I want to do. I know people usually gravitate to the reclining Buddha or Khao San road.

Anyone can provide some interesting places to visit or have any good tips?
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Do you have a job that allows you to travel the world? What is it? Would you recommend?
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Why do you travel /trv/?

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Everyone on this board, with little exception, seems to travel for absurd reasons

There are those of you who only travel to smoke a joint in Amsterdam, or fuck ladyboys in Bangkok, or both. But why would you do these activities when you could stay home and do them for less money? The cost of flights, accommodation, food, and other services seems to grossly outweigh the benefits of traveling to these countries, which is not to mention that most of you can't make money while you travel unless its by begging or whoring yourself out. So why don't you stay in your own country to snort cocaine and fuck cheap whores? What about those of you who insist that foreign women are more beautiful than the girls back home? All countries will have approximately the same number of attractive women to ugly women, its consistent worldwide, don't tell me "oh i traveled all across Europe and Slavic women were so much hotter than women in my native country" thank you for your little anecdote that is not representative at all of the world. If you still do believe that foreign women are more beautiful then you're just fetishizing foreign women.

Those of you who go to "see the sights" why? Most of these "sights" are overpriced tourist traps, Big Ben, The Colosseum, The Great Wall. Are you really learning about their history? You're just another tourist passing through, you're not there to stay. You only go to say that you've been to these places, and to take photos that you'll never look at except on rare occasions to show to your friends and family how "cultured" you are for boarding that gondola in Venice, and then returning to your 9-5 job the next day wondering when you'll finally work up the courage to kill yourself.

So why do you travel when traveling in your home country is more cost efficient, you'll still meet new people, have new experiences, and be safer? Are there any good reasons to travel?
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Traveling for a year with $10 a day

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Long time lurker in this board, this is my first post so be nice.
I'm going to London in the beginning of January, and i'm planning on spending a year abroad with just 10 dollars a day, do you guys have any tips on how I could save money while travelling? I also looking for jobs I could do while I travel to lessen my expenses, do you guys have any ideas of works I could do abroad?
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So I find myself in Rio for another two weeks.

Any advice for things to do? Except visiting the Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer and all that. Been there, done that.

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Alright /trv/ Im gonna freight hop my way to wherever the fuck im going starting from Chace BC. Anyone have advice for what im gonna need or things that i should/shouldn't do? I posted this on /b/ but im pretty sure im not gonna get a lot of serious answers.


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Im heading to Bogota Colombia in December and I wanted to hear from the natives. Is it relatively safe? Ill be staying in Zona T. Also, how is the nightlife there? I was debating on switching my tickets to Medellin, Colombia but heard its full of tourists.
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Hey /trv/
I'm going to New York in October to see death grips. What are some things to do that aren't tourist traps ? I already have a list of little restaurants.
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Poland. Whats your thoughts?
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What's a good city in Asia for a first time visitor? A few friends who've been all over recommend Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul or Singapore because they all have atms that can take Western debit/credit, people speak some English and Wi-Fi is everywhere or cheap.

I'm a photographer by trade, I love food and cheap booze. Not so much into parties but I don't mind them. I'd like to check out museums, monuments and historic sites, etc.
I'll have about $1500-2000 CDN after flight and lodging. Looking to go end of October or early November for about 10 days. Flying out of Ottawa.