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brit abroad edition
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>Qatar and Friends Cup
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/hoc/ Undefeated edition

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Only fans of undefeated teams may post ITT
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World's Best

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Based on the past 12 months only


1. C. Ronaldo
2. Pogba
3. Messi
4. Hazard
5. de Gea
6. Alexis
7. Aguero
8. Coutinho
9. Zlatan
10. Isco

Managers (based on past 10 years)

1. Mourinho
2. Pep
3. Klopp
4. Conte
5. Zidane

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/nba/ general - SHOOK edition

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OKC: Westbrook (knee) to miss first days of camp
MIN: Wiggins expected to sign max deal soon
PHX: Alex Len to sign qualifying offer with Suns
WAS: Markieff Morris will have surgery on Friday
PHI: Ben Simmons (foot) won't have restrictions?
PHI: Joel Embiid still not cleared for 5-on-5 work
NO: Dante Cunningham agrees to re-up w/ Pelicans
LAC: Gallinari (thumb) 'days away from a return'
LAK: Andrew Bogut agrees to 1-year deal w/ Lakers
MIL: Brandon Rush signs deal w/ Bucks
TOR: OG Anunoby (knee) won't be ready for camp
DEN: Mason Plumlee agrees to 3-year deal w/ DEN

/cfb/ general - WEEK 4 edition

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Week Four nationally televised games with a point spread of 7 or under:

FS1 - #21/23 Utah at Arizona (Utah by 3.5)

ABC/ESPN2 - #38/NR Texas Tech at #37/41 Houston (HOU by 6.5)
ESPN - aTm vs #47/NR Arkansas in JerryWorld (aTm by 2.5)

FS1 - UCF at #28/29 Maryland (MD by 4)
ESPNU - #35/39 Duke at UNC (Duke by 2.5)

FOX - #30/32 Notre Dame at #41/43 Michigan State (ND by 3.5)
ESPN - #17/19 Miss State at #11/12 Georgia (GA by 5)
SECN - #20/22 Florida at #33/34 Kentucky (FL by 2)

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Official /bet/ Thread Week 38

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Is hula-hooping an sport?
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/epl/ general

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West Ham vs Tottenham 12:30
Burnley vs Huddersfield Town 15:00
Everton vs AFC Bournemouth 15:00
Manchester City vs Crystal Palace 15:00
Southampton vs Manchester United 15:00
Stoke City vs Chelsea 15:00
Seansea City vs Watford 15:00
Leicester City vs Liverpool 17:30
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