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Write your sex, your kik id and what are you looking for.
i'm a 25 italian male, kik Alkemis_
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Add YOUR kik userid if you want others to send you dick pics :3

Make a few friends, send a dick pic to some others on the list and please be sure to send me, your horny, curious Broanon* host one too! Bonus points for cum videos :3

KIK: ggsunia

*Broanon means Male
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Rate me

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Lets start a kink thread
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Big Girls' Thread!
Post your big, soft, naked bodies! Newcomers welcome and encouraged

We love pics and moving picture shows

Don't contactfag, applies to everyone. Timestamp if new to the thread!

>Don't contactfag
>Don't be a contactfag

Female pics only.

>last thread:
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/boob/ thread

>NO fucking contactfagging
>Females only
>Timestamp if new
>be civil to each other

Upload vids -
Erome -
Gifs -
WebMs -

from >>25567394
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Is it bad to say when I look at photos of guys on /soc/

I just want to beat some of them up?

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Post your dick so I can imagine giving it a footjob. Small dick is a + because of the size difference, big white feet rubbing against a small cock.

Here is the first position, my feet drooling for dick.
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Does she ever post on here? I saw her just the once. I need more of this semen demon.
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