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Are people who listen to music while studying brainlets?

Personally, I can only concentrate in absolute silence.
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When did you first realize you were significantly smarter than everyone else?

For me, it was in elementary school, when we were taught about simple machines, and I noticed there is really only one simple machine, the inclined plane, and all the others were derived from it.
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Why is Mars the current objective when it would be easier and more practical in the long run to build a moon base?
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>i started smoking weed in middle school
>got straight a's
>still getting a's in uni and smoke weed
>explain this /sci/
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/sci/, how would we terraform the sun?
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>be studying hard
>roommate comes in
>quickly turn on my Xbox
>"wtf anon how do you get straight A's when you never even study, you're so smart"
>I know

Am I the only one?
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Would nuclear war really be as bad as it's portrayed in movies and video games?

I've become more concerned about this recently, considering Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un's pissing contest.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that it would be an immeasurable tragedy and hundreds of millions of people would die.

But media portrays post-nuclear worlds as desolate and nearly uninhabitable.

I don't know much about anything, but if this website

is even remotely accurate, it doesn't seem apocalyptic. Even with hundreds of those flying around. And I was using the 100mt bomb, optimised for nuclear fallout. Pic semi-related is Nagasaki, which I interpret as evidence that while Fat Man might have been a cherry bomb compared to modern nukes, you can recover from total annihilation and radiation.

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Holy fuck, is this real life?

What happened to Bill Nye?
Did he get a brain tumor or something?
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Rocket Man & Earthquakes

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Some people (internet people) have suggested that North Korea's underground nuclear tests might be triggering some of the recent earthquakes we've seen lately (two in Mexico and one in Japan). Is this even plausible?

On one hand, nukes aren't really that strong compared to, say, hurricanes. But on the other hand, if there's some pressure that's on the edge of being released, it seems like a nuclear weapon might just set it over the edge.

pic unrelated
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