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How is getting laid so easy for some people?
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> lose virginity to robot last year
> thought I knew what I was getting into: we would lose our virginities, acquire dating experience and move on with our lives
> accidentally fall in love with him
> decide to be an official couple
> feel some sort of regret, but push it away because I realize that he's committed to me
> every month, realize more and more of our incompatibility
> don't share similar worldviews, goals, or interests
> somehow he's more devoted than ever, but it might be because I'm kinky and I cater to him sexually
> feel trapped in this relationship because he's so awkward and so focused on me he WILL NOT look for another girl if I break up with him, he will go right back to playing video games and being a recluse like when I found him
> his family will hate me for crushing his spirits
> don't know what to do, because I came into his life, showed him love, kindness and sex, and now I'm ready to walk
> however, it's not about hopping on to the next dick, it's just with him being my first real partner during a time when people are thinking about marriage, I know that I would not want to marry him, which makes me feel like I'm wasting both our times
Give it to me straight, give me advice, call me a dick.
But I need perspective on what to do, robots.
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How do I make other people care about me?

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He died the other day.

I miss him lads.
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>steal panties from wal-mart
>go home and listen to bimbo fuckdoll hypnosis
>convinced I am sexy bimbo who only thinks about sucking dick and looking pretty
>follow trap guide and get slimmer with slightly bigger butt
>brainwash self for 2 days
>finally cum thinking about taking dick and sucking dick
>brainwashing wears off immediately after I cum
>feeling like I just murdered baby levels of shame
>delete audio files and throw out panties and cry in shower

For a few moments I thought I was a 10/10 sexy bimbo and it was heaven.

tfw no gf
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I hate women, they think they are smarter than us after taking a few classes of gender studies or liberal arts. How do you even deal with one who thinks she cannot be wrong?

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Masturbation thread

We had an interesting thread about things we've stuck up ourselves yesterday, so let's try that again.
Let's talk about masturbation habits, frequency etc.
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>TFW you'll never be happy because all men are human garbage so you can't have either friends or a boyfriend
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so, how is your suicide going down?
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"muh depression"

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Is there anything more annoying than people complaining about depression and mental illnesses
Even if they legitimately have it
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