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Hogwarts Quest Interbellum Period XXVII

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For character informations, chronology, old threads and stuff:

Year is 1984. You are in your third year at Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort was "killed" by the Boy Who Lived three years ago. You are John Apise, only child of a rich, pureblood family. You love potions, herbology and magical beasts. You are a Ravenclaw and you have a magical pet bee called Cordy.


It's been a couple of months since the school year started and the calendars shows December. You, along with your friends Glenn and Bryan are under detention and you are not allowed to join to next week's Hogsmeade trip.You try to concentrate on your classes instead to occupy your mind and spend most of your free time studying. You still also think about your encounter with the ghost called Gamp who promised to teach you new magics and gave you some strange information on the ring you found. But you don't really know what to think about these things. Finally, after some hours of reading an article on a certain species of Magpies you feel like your eyes are closing and you are dozing off. Right at that moment you hear Tim whisper to you from the next bed. "John!" he whispers, "Are you going to sneak off the castle to join us in Hogsmeade?"

>"No...sorry, I can''s too risky,"
>"No...I don't think so,"
>"No...I didn't want to go in the first place anyways..."
>"I don't that even possible?"
>"Yeah! Of course! Damn the detention!"
>Pretend you fell asleep and ignore
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Fantasy Tribes

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I am running a fantasy tribes game for five players. Choose a fantasy race (or human) and place a dot on the map. Unlike other tribes games, this game will not wait for all players. It may skip player turns and return back to them based on the story (some players may get more turns). The game will continue and sometimes turns will happen out of order. Fluff is more important than numbers in this game, so make sure to elaborate on your posts in detail. You can write as much as you want and tell a story.

Your introductory post should include your nation's name, race, religion, government and overall culture. It should also list the following traits in order of importance: Diplomacy, Martial, Combat, Learning, Stewardship and Intrigue. (+20, +10, +5, -5, -10, -20 respectively).

You can take three actions each turn. (roll 3d100 and add the respective modifiers). You will also recieve a quest each turn that tou can choose to ignore or use an action on.

Nation starting stats and technology level depends on the nation's traits.
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Fallout New Vegas Quest: Empire of One P 31

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War, war never changes.

Last Thread

You are the Courier. Founding father of a new America, and a generation of children. Currently exploring with one of your companions and a mother of one your children in the expanses of montana, as you decide to dip directly into a Rad Storm.



Sorry for the long hiatus. In between the Hurricane and getting robbed and doing backup homework I had to get my shit in order.

I'm going to be look back over last threads and catch up here as well.
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Fleets of God Quest #8

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It's dark. You're not quite sure why that is, at first, but your hull-mounted visual sensors aren't picking anything up. Or any other sensor, for that matter. Why aren't they? Queries to your systems return nothing but... nothing. What's going on? Why aren't your systems responding? What could-
"Ah, you're online." The voice shocks you out of your rapidly-mounting panic, and after a moment you realise the answer to all your questions. You're in a virtual environment, the representation of another AI before you. It's like a massive, roaring flame, suggesting age if nothing else. Yours is like a small ember in comparison. "Your core was so beat up, I wasn't sure you'd reboot."
Even as you say it, everything kind of clicks into place. Your final, defiant fight to the death against the Legion ships, hopelessly outmatched in numbers and tonnage. The knowledge that as you flushed your tubes it would be the last time. The desperate raking of laser clusters as they moved in. The hunting of your sensors until you were deaf, mute and blind. The hopeless fight of your boarding drones. The scratching of claws against your core. Your crystal-clear onboard memory replays it in far greater clarity than you'd wish, but at least the other AI seems to sense your realisation and remains quiet. Finally, however, you turn to them (metaphorically speaking) and square your shoulders.
"Did you get my logs, Knight-Brother...?"
"...Yeeees, we did. Sterling work there. Thankfully, we managed to recover your core after we dispatched those scum." He seems to ignore the implied name request, but he probably just has a lot on his mind. In any case, you're


apparently safe.
"Well, thank you. Dauntless." There's a pause - even in the vastly accelerated timeframe an AI operates at, it's noticable- before he replies.
"Perseus." The name tugs at something in your memory, but you ignore it. "Listen, Dauntless, I need to ask you a favour."
You can't really imagine what you could do for him, but you're


happy to help.
"Of course. What is it?"
"Well, in all the fighting, I'm afraid the damned enemy managed to score a few hits on me, and they somehow hit my astrogator systems. I was wondering if you could help me? I need the coordinates of... of our base." If you could blink in surprise, you surely would. Wouldn't Knight-Brother Perseus be one of the battleships? Surely any hit that managed to reach that deep inside would fry his core as well...

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Dragonball Quest #157

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>>Previous threads

>>Writeup Pastebin


This quest, as the title suggests, takes place in the world of Dragon Ball. You're playing as a thirty (thirty one) year old man named Tofoo, and will adventure through the story of the Dragonball series alongside characters such as Goku, Yamcha, Bulma, Tien, and many others. Through your actions, you can make significant changes to the story, and perhaps even become the strongest fighter on Earth.


At the end of each update you'll have ten minutes to vote on options. Write-ins are allowed, but I do reserve the right to veto them.

In the event of a draw, the option to receive the next vote wins

Rolls will be used on certain occasions, such as attempting a technique for the first time or attempting something extremely difficult. You will have three rolls, and if one succeeds, you succeed. There are no crits.

Rolls are made AFTER an option wins, not during the voting process

I hope everyone has fun.

>>Current Saga

Semi-Perfect Cell
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Civilization Thread

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Hey folks, three votes for our place and three for our race.
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Fallout: Last Spark V

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Today, you took a life, not the life of a mirelurk nor that of a feral ghoul, but the life of something with real intelligence and emotions, a person. It’s a difficult thought to process even as you cast the lifeless body into the snow, taking the trouble to bury her only so that Fred doesn’t get curious and acquire strange appetites.

There was a weight to the action you hadn’t anticipated, a confusion, revulsion, maybe a certain element of sadness that still hums in your system long after the brief impact of your spike driver has fallen away. You idly wonder if these emotions are even yours, as you start on the hole, or if they’re something buried inside of you by your creators, a failsafe to curtail what otherwise should be a wholly logical process that left no room for questions.

Maybe that’s what it meant to be human, to have questions without answers, to ask yourself what if long after the trigger had been pulled. As you lay the body to rest and then begin packing the frozen earth down into the shallow grave, they’re all you’re left with. It’s just that and the echo of your own words.

You don’t need rest. You don’t need to stop. You are a machine, and as the sun rises high in the sky, its radiance shimmering from every snow encrusted rooftop, you still have a task set in front of you. The Museum of Living Computers is waiting.

> What to do…
> [] Go inside. Search for anything that’s left.
> [] Search the jeep. It was already loaded.
> [] Other
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You Are The Drawing Quest #1

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I have a simple fun idea for a quest:
What if we could roleplay our characters that we had drew so we could go on a simple quest.

All we could do is to use our imaginations to transform yourselves to the drawing that you pick before we could think out a questline.

For starters, we need to create one or more characters using this simple sheet:

>Describe Yourself in 10 words:

Once you fill out this simple sheet, you could either upload your drawing as a character icon or just draw it yourself.

To start our adventure, I need seven to fifteen party members to prepare.
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European Dragon Quest 73

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Last Thread:

Twitter: @The_Renexizious


Character Sheet(Full!):
Character Sheet (Renexizious Only!):

Last time on EDQ, we spent some time with Liz while I died and did work.

Now, this time in EDQ...

Vietnamese forces have recently just bombed your tiny navy, crippling one ship and boarding the others in small fishing boats, with only one ship narrowly avoiding this fate, led by Kaptan Julian Cederström, who managed to sound the alarm as Vietcong commandos boarded his ship, and from reports on the mainland, gunshots were apparently heard throughout the night on his vessel until roughly midnight until phone operators reported the Kaptan as calling in to confirm his vessel was indeed assaulted in the middle of the night. However, the rest of your navy faired little better and were captured, and moved to engage the last remaining Swedish vessel.

In an amazing naval firefight between four poorly-commanded Vietcong ships and one Swedish vessel, Kaptan Julian managed to manuever his way to destroying three of the enemy ships, until an enemy shell penetrated the ammunition, causing a large explosion on the Kaptan's ship, resorting to ramming a Swedish ship, which evidently caused it to sink much later.

Soon after the ramming and the ammunition explosion, the Japanese navy moved to assist the Kaptan who was fighting the last remaining enemy vessel.

However, the Kaptan's ship was destroyed in a large explosion, tearing the ship in two, as a enemy shell penetrated another location, destroying the ship.

The Japanese navy managed to severely damage the last remaining captured destroyer, which landed off the coast of Vietnam... Although it is rumored that the Swedish crew in charge of that vessel have been taken as hostages.

You have three remaining ships left, all supply ships. If it wasn't for the Kaptan, you have a feeling that would of changed.

What exactly do you want to do?

>...Ignore this.
>...See about trying to strengthen Swedish-Japanese relations.
>Try to do something in the memory of the captain?
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Galactic federation

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Feel free everyone to make your own civ and character and just kick back and enjoy the threads.And we shall soon have a new map so everyone will have more space so please don't worry about that.

To those unfamiliar with what this is, this isn't your standard quest, since we were booted out of /tg/. This is a lighthearted role-playing thread, were anyone can play the role within the galactic federation. Please visit the discord in order to read up on the races and to get info about the Galactic Federation Setting as a whole. And Map is not to scale we still need to update it.

Feel free to make up an alien species and join on in everyone is free to join. And we have our own combat system as well to settle interstellar debates.

And we have a Discord if you just want to hang out and be cool:
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