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Why can nationalists just drop the Hitler thing?
No matter what you think of him, talking about it so much is just going to vilify nationalism
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>Korean girls are ugl-
Stop this meme, /pol/
They look pretty before plastic surgery too
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What's the deal with flu shots? Do you guys get them? Is there any real downside? Or is it the government injecting you with who knows what year after year?
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>Forcing animals to mate
>Riding them against their will
>Psychologically conditioning them to be docile and subservient
>Artificially inseminating them

>Fucking them

So you can stick your hand up a mare cunt but you're not allowed to enjoy it? How do we go about getting people to take the beast pill?
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married gay men run the one of the largest alt right news site

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Honest thoughts on Joe Rogan as a philosopher/political commentator?

I honestly think that generations from now, people will be learning about him from textbooks alongside Aristotle, Plato and Descartes. Rogan isn't as much as an intellectual as those people, but he has a talent for asking the right questions and never taking things on poor evidence (a trait many on the Right and Left seem to lack)
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Apparently this teacher that had sex with four high schoolers was MARRIED.

Besides the "nice." Aspect of the story....Yo, this chick cheated on her husband

Cheating on someone is like one of the more terrible things that stone can experience in my opinion....

.....Can a wife just get up and chest on you 100% out of random, or are there always at least ONE red flag that must have went off when they were dating etc?

I have a hard time believing that a switch can just flick and your wife cheats on you; there had to have been some sign..There's usually a sign...Right?
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Why do Christian countries let so many Muslims in?

Is it because of the whole "turn the other cheek" thing?
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>reference MK Ultra in public
>receive a call from Washington, D.C. a few minutes later

Who else here /on a watchlist/?
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Couple deported during infant son's surgery

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Was it necessary? Or should they have waited until after the surgery was complete?

t. wall supporter
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