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Since this became /outsoc/, I have an important question to make:

How do you find people to talk to? How do you socialize with people that are outside?
I often find interesting looking people that I would love to know more of, but can't really approach them, or am mostly shy and end up not being able to say much. Sometimes I try to approach them, and then back away or continue for my road, because I feel like i could be creepy or just bothering them. This happens often while I'm in parks or also while reading a book and the likes. I know I go out doing activities outdoor sometimes to get to be near other people, and I know others do the same, but how do you start a conversation with others without being creepy? How to get the confidence to be social and start developing friendships without being creepy, invasive or giving the wrong impression?
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Small Cock (SPH) Thread
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/outsoc/ thread

>Post location
>If there's an Anon in same area you must go hiking
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Canadian Dom here in Victoria BC with eleven years of experience. Currently putting together a personal play space/dungeon for training subs. But need some input from some female Kinksters. If you were to walk into your Master's dungeon, what toys and equipment would you personally love to see?

Also, any subs in Vic hit me up. My last one just got a boyfriend...

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Is anyone still here
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Fill in and let's get going:






>>Other boards frequented

>>What you're looking for

>>What you're not looking for


>>Photo (Optional)
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Was this board made in return to the ">>>/out/" and ">>>/soc/" meme?
Is this the one true containment board for tripfags?

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I'm thinking of becoming a hobo. Seems like a great lifestyle. Are there any downsides? Or is it as glamorous as they make it seem?
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Post sexy plants

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Tinder profile/messaging advice. Any good openers?
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