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Free engine swap

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Hey you, yes YOU. You are now given an option to have any engine (as in any engine you can think of and not just from the ones from this image) you want under the hood of your shitbox(es). What do you choose and why? Bonus points are awarded for unique and/or interesting swap ideas.
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>fordcucks will NEVER know this feeI

/osg/ - Auto Sticker General

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Auto Sticker General #287

Good morning edition

Previous thread: >>17902266

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ

>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to Automotive Decals and Stickers

>Currently looking for:
>An internet lawyer ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Idea Guys (Come up with Sticker Ideas, /o/ club names, etc.)
Anons with artistic talent willing to make decals for free.
Anons with decal production equipment (Specifically Vinyl Printer Equipment)
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[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]

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Sexy Sumo edition
(Phoneposting this so sorry if it's fucked)

>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Rating

/dbt/ map:

Nobike? Start here:

A2 bikes:

Motorcycle Ergonomics simulator:

Webms with sound:

Previously on /dbt/:
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>failed driving test
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/ovg/ - Teams are cool

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Previous Thread: >>17908576

Our Wiki will answer every question you could possibly have. All frequently asked questions can easily be found on the main page itself:

Swing by our Mumble server and introduce yourself!
>Mumble IP:
>Port: 64738

Join the /ovg/ group on Steam!

Equipment Guide

We're racing ARCA, Karts and Aussie Racing cars. Check out our Google doc for more info!
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How's your shitbox doing?
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Interior Rate Thread

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post your interiors itt
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Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/

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>Sleep Tight Trucker Edition

Brevious Bread: >>17876678

>44 tonnes ofbroken PepsiCo trucks
>34tyres with the wear indicators showing
>Sign that lease and I'll plant loli in your cab
>CDL How Do? Private driving school, community college, or become a good buddy with a trucker
>Swift: Best Flying Off An Overpass At 62MPH

>RIP Richie Acosta, may flights of long nose Petes carry thee to thy rest

>Truckerfag puts high vis decals on trailer, totally sweet Monster Energy and Metal Mulisha decals on truckto follow
>Bepis sleeping 25 minutes a night between restocking bodegas with syrup and talking with his lady throughyonder window
>EF is posting photos of his dad because reasons
>Freon is busy doing disaster relief, whatever that is
>Primefag is somewhere screaming at his rear sleeper wallabout "The Goddamned Northeast"
>ZF is up to her eyeballs in baby supertruckers
>Whiney volunteered as Tribute for his district
>Truckdog is quickly depleting the worlds strategic supply of Australian Kenworth photos
>Oilfag really should be sleeping right now
>Balam got blamed for everything, including his boss's current gout inflammation and his kid's soccer team losing the semi finals
>Gundam is awaited in Valhalla
>Doublesfag passes away suddenly from severe gluteal torsion
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