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/drt/ - Daily Ride Thread

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Old one's done.
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/n/ red pill thread
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Newer more better post your bike thread.

Winter will soon come edition.

Featuring, my amazing stack, shorter stem, lower saddle and now for the first time, schwalbe tyres as a temporary fix for progressively shittier conditions.

Post yours and tell me what's so great about it.
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Fat/tubeless tires

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When is it better to have tubes, and when is it better to go tubeless?

My buddy who has the same bike as me (pic related) has these massive low pressure tires and I really want to get some. They like fold into the ground and you can corner way sharper on gravel and stuff.

Microcars, people movers etc.

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Are they (or can be) a viable form of transportation, missing link between full- sized cars and public transport?
Let's discuss. Discuss about 1- or 2-people capable vehicles with roofs and engines.
Both modern and historic.
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Out of the Big 3, who had the most A E S T H E T I C steam locos?

>huge, "dirty," very industrial looking
>designed purely with performance in mind, very little thought given to streamlining and aesthetics until the Art Deco movement

>kawaii as fuck, glossy finishes, very conservative styling, regal

>dat red-black livery, dem smoke deflectors
>sort of a hybrid between American and British locos in the attention towards being physically pleasing to the eye while still retaining exposes plumbing that gives off a very macho aura

inb4 a bunch of turbo-autists whining about why I didn't include their irrelevant country's locomotives in the list
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Unique Locomotives 2

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Hello again.

Up for a second unique locomotives thread?

I hope so because I am ending the first thread.

Locomotive here is Shannon of the Wantage Tramway which is at the Didcot Railway Centre.
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wtf car

No.1111330 View ViewReplyOriginalReport what the fuck car is this??? some gross chinese front wheel drive compact with tiny rear wheels? or is it just my imagination?

Future of cycling?

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I honestly see the bird of prey design staying around. Its not as wild as a recumbent, and more moderate designs will sell.

Next question, will there ever be new tire sizes? P much 650b or 700c. Dats it?? As a taller rider, I wouldnt mind going way bigger than 700c if it means a more plush ride, to soak up rough roads better. I know smaller wheels are easier to move, but 20" are cool for bmx and fold up bikes. I want performance.
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>bought a roadbike
>today I did a 50 mile ride
>use the usual attire with padded pants etc
>after 10 miles my ass was fucking bleeding, my wrists shocking, my sitting bones sandpapered, my neck hernia'd, my ears def
>after 20 miles lose balance when coming to a halt on the clipped in side and fall on the street, hurt my shoulder really bad
>after 30 miles get passed by a 50 large motorcycle group, cough my lungs out and get stomach cancer from all the fumes
>40 miles in, start pissing blood, throw up on the side of the road. Officially lost at this point. Dick goes numb
>50 miles in, found my way back home, go into garage, lose balance forget to clip out, bash my head on the steel beam,
3 hours later, wake up in a hospital with skull fracture

fuck /n/ why did I ever start to cycle because of you