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essential /mtv/core
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This poor little board.

Thrown out at the tail end of April Fools' as an afterthought.

Abandoned at birth by /mu/ and /tv/.

Literal minutes go by between comments on posts.

Unlisted, unknown, unloved.

I see you, /mtv/. I care. Even if no one else does.

I will provide you with content, make you stronger. In time, we will overtake both /tv/ and /mu/ together. We will make them pay for abandoning you.

And all I ask is that you submit to me and make me your leader.

What do you say, my children? I will love you either way.
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ITT: we post the next generation of patrician artists of screen and music
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as you can see the combo board is dominated by /mu/

/tv/ is much too slow to consider splitting. LET IT GO
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grimes wants to remind you that /tv/ is shit
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i liek moobie

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