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/ccg/ - Classical Conservative General

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Enough already about "classical liberalism". Here's a thread for classical (traditional) conservatives and the literature thereof. Here is the Wikipedia article on that if you don’t know what that is:

If nothing else, post your faith. I’m personally an Orthodox Christian.

There’s a book out recently, you might be interested in it: “The Politics of Virtue: Post Liberalism and the Human Future. Here is a piece on it:

Feel free to post other book recs as well as articles. I enjoyed these:

Music, it’s a non-liturgical piece (liturgical music for us must be a cappella) by one of our bishops in homage to Bach: The finale, 1:41:45, kept playing in my head after my baptism (we do full immersion and it’s quite beautiful). You can see a political and religious interview with him here:

Please, feel free to post art, but make it great art, not sentimentalist crap.
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so this i s the power of slam poetry....
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What is the difference between GROTESQUE and ABSURD in literature???

Kafka is grotesque but his scenes were absurd
Camus is absurd but his scenes were grotesque

Carl Gustav Jung

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anima projection edition

>Favorite book of his?

>Least favorite?

>What's something you don't "get" (or alternatively, dismiss from his at exclusion to the rest) out of his concepts?
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My new literature is finally here guys.

Any guesses as to what it might be?

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let's start one of these
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/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General

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Jack Vance edition

What are you reading next, /sffg/?



NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction & Fantasy Books:

Previously on 'Should I read Brandon Sanderson's Epic Retelling of His WotLK 5-Man Run?':
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Write what's on your mind

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