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Night Time Is The Right Time Edition
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How do I obtain a legally registered firearm in California?
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Lyudmila Pavlichenko REAL?

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Call me skeptical but a woman sniper (stop reading here) that looks like this
killing three hundred trained axis soldiers and surviving without visible wounds sounds like commie propaganda

>inb4 simo
With simo it made sense,
>you've got a bunch of bottom of the barrel ruskie conscripts
>getting orders from the lucky young inexperienced officers left overs after the stalin purges
>wearing fucking green
And even then, there's barely any pictures from manlet Simo during his service, I can find them in the hundreds for Pavlichenko
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ITT: Hunting rifles only.
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Russki Space Marines confirmed

>"We are completing the scientific research on creating the future layout of the Ratnik-3 combat gear. The implementation of the project will allow to increase the performance of a soldier by 1.5 times in completing various tasks," Salyukov told Russia Defense Ministry
How can murrika ever compete?
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I have this fantasy of all the world media watching as I don a full bomb suit and march towards a terrorist device. What's the best way if making this fantasy happen.
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Three days ago neighbors dog got loose and killed a cat belonging to another neighbor
Two days ago, same dog got loose again and killed my cat.
Pic related is the law regarding shooting the dog.
I think I'm justified as I reasonably believe if the dog comes back it will kill a cat, (damage my property)
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/thg/ - treadhead general

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Last thread was forgotten at the depot edition.

/thg/ is a thread for the discussion of tanks and other tracked and armored vehicles. Please keep discussion civil and cite sources.

Identifying T-54-3 and other early T-54 variants.

The T-54-3 was the third production model T-54 series tanks to be adopted by the Soviet Union. Being such an early variant they are missing a number of features that the latter T-54A, T-54B and T-55 series tanks would have. First produced in 1951 the T-54-3 would see export, notably to Finland, Lebanon and Syria.

The main identifying features of the T-54-3 (T-54 Mod. 1951) are the five roadwheels (common to the T-54/55 series), the dome shaped ventilator on the turret (common to the T-54 series), the standard T-54/55 eggshell shaped turret (introduced with the T-54-3) and most notably the lack of a fume extractor on the barrel (common to the early variants). Earlier T-54 variants can be identified by the T-44 style turret and narrow tracks (500mm compared to later 580mm) of the T-54-1 (T-54 Mod. 1947). The T-54-2 (T-54 Mod. 1949) has flattened turret sides and a slight overhang at the rear of the turret. While neither the T-54-1 nor T-54-2 were exported in large numbers, as they were only produced in relatively small numbers, they did see action in the 1967 war as part of the armies of Egypt and Syria.
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Vektor R4

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I wanna get your opinion on this weapon, apparently it's pretty shit

Wht is the specialest snowflake handgun you can find?

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To impress your buddies at the range
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