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I wonder if it is going to be any good, or hollywood sperging nonsense.
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Is there any reason not to cast my own bullets in silver?
I've got a surplus of sterling silver and thought it would be fun to keep silver bullets in my EDC.
Plus you never know when a werewolf uprising could happen.
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ITT Autistic planes

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ITT we post the most Autismo looking aircraft in existence
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Meme launcher edition.
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Mini-14 Inaccuracy Myth Busted, AR Fanboys On Suicide Watch

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Now that "muh inaccurate Mini-14" has been proven to be outdated fuddlore, let's never hear of it again:
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Showing your powerlevel

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Have any of you /k/ommandos accidentally showed how much you know about guns and shit to normies.

I'll start
>be APUSH couple years back
>teacher says 2nd amendment didn't include repeating or automatic guns and just meant single shot shit
>raise my hand
>mention the Giridoni air rifle, puckle gun, etc and explain them all and their actions and capabilities
>mention that TJ himself assigned Lewis and Clark with Giridonis to carve their way westaward
>anon why do you know so much about guns
>get weird glances
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Night Time Is The Right Time Edition
>Thread #465

Old thread here >>35544352
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How do I obtain a legally registered firearm in California?
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Lyudmila Pavlichenko REAL?

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Call me skeptical but a woman sniper (stop reading here) that looks like this
killing three hundred trained axis soldiers and surviving without visible wounds sounds like commie propaganda

>inb4 simo
With simo it made sense,
>you've got a bunch of bottom of the barrel ruskie conscripts
>getting orders from the lucky young inexperienced officers left overs after the stalin purges
>wearing fucking green
And even then, there's barely any pictures from manlet Simo during his service, I can find them in the hundreds for Pavlichenko
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