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>TFW you're poor
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What went wrong Army boys?

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Sup /k/
As part of my plan for, I need some cheap shit to include with random orders so my customers feel like they got "swag" and also inspiring them to post pictures of it for bragging rights, giving me free marketing. Can you give me some ideas for cheap tchotchkes? I can make little ziplocks of dollar store seasoning, and I can probably come up with some type of shitty bottle opener.
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Sup /k/oalas, can we have a nazi collection thread?
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Can we get a family photo thread
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>Carrying without a round chambered
Surely no one on the weapons board does this. If so, why do you bother carrying your pistol shaped brick?
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Mine thread

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can we have a thread about mines? Demining, mining etc etc.
Also are children the best at demining?
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maintaining opsec hard?

Gun porn thread. Unexpected hnnng edition

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