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We're approaching 12 years since the F-22 has entered service and not a single other "power" has managed to field a competitor yet. What gives?
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why do you guys like guns so much?
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What are the two most expensive letters of the alphabet?
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Where do people even get unregistered firearms?
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Weeb gun thread?
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>"hey anon check out this AR I built"
>its a PSA upper on a PSA lower
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Heckler and Koch

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HK thread, winter is coming edition.

We finally got snow, now I can operate with my stainless USP9.
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/hg/ - Handgun General

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Why is this not a thing already? Range toys to CCW, share them all!
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dun fucked up

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guy's I fucked up bad

>be me
>find old hotel location
>decide to take a look around, gear up because duh
>go at 10:30PM
>park near building
>be total fucking retard
>get shit out of back of car, set stuff on groud while staging
>be total fucking retard and not put shit back in trunk
>walk around "barrier" because it's a fucking line
>walk around the parking lot
>fence around main building entrance
>check for holes
>none I can fit it
>check out graffiti
>Other random druggy shit
>walk further around building
>see dumpster
>look inside
>just wires and old building material and shit
>keep walking around building
>hear shit rustling bushes, figure it's probably just animals or some shit
>check out side entrance
>bars open, doors closed, graffiti up and down wall
>see building behind me
>just old water tank control shit
>MAK and NOTORIOUS written everywhere
>decide that's not interesting
>notice unobstructed view of internstate
>walk over check it out
>bored, continue walking around building
>just a feeling, but there's definitely a problem
>walk back around front, get in wooded area across from front of building
>notice some lights shining on building
>mfw cops

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Where do Chicago's guns come from?
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