Greetings all! is currently offline. Sorry about that.

On 22. Nov. 2017 we had a planned server upgrade and maintenance at which we discovered a hardware issue, probably a faulty motherboard or a PSU, due to which the server can't start right now.
You can read more about what happen to us here.
At this current time we do not have any estimation on how long will it take for the issue(s) to be resolved, but we are working on it!
Do not worry - all of the data is saved. The team spend more than 8 hours, trying to figure out why it won't start but they failed to fix the issue.
Do note that this time the server is collocated, meaning that we bough the hardware and build it up on our own and placed it at a server hosting provider.
The reason for this was only financial. The previous plan costed x3 times than the current hosting bill and the revenue from ads is simply not enough.
The previous hosting plan costed about 180usd/month and that's not counting the 1TB of HDD i need to buy each year for backups.
For this server we paid about 500-600USD for hardware and we are paying about 50usd/month right now, which is usually covered with the popup/banner ads (we didn't get any donations so far)

What you can do right now to help us get faster online (and keep us online):
*All of the donations will go directly to fund the server - we can buy better hardware, more RAM (so we can enable search on everything), faster hard disks and better uptime!
Also, if enough donations come I'll be disabling all popup/banner advertisements!

You can always contact me at [email protected]
If you donate or mine for us I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
If you don't, you will not get anything for Christmas! Just kidding!'s team