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give me stuff to draw.
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draw and draw

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Post some random shit you drew. Here's my shrek
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what's /i/ drawing right now?
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Okekai HS

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Last Bread: >>506554
Basically you draw your OC in High School clothes in their teen years. Bonus points if you interact with others.
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Same rules as before,
post your OC's, tell us about them, and draw other people's OC's (completely optional though)

Old thread has hit bump limit >>504034
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First time on 4chan, was starved for inspiration/motivation so I'm using it as a platform for requests. basically this thread >>491229 but with worse art.
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Stick Figure Redraw Thread

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Continuing from >>494595
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I need to practice a fuck ton, basically this thread >>491229 but with worse art.

Taking any request, If lewd or some shit please dont have it be a too weird pose.
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