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World War 2 thread

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Old one ( reached image bump limit.
No ideology, please.
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Kristen Stewart Worship Thread

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Previous: >>2988540
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Maisie Williams Thread

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Maria Sharapova - Queen of tennis

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Been a long time since last thread
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Felicity Jones.

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Beautiful actress.
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it's been a long time
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Un-Retouched Celeb Pictures

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K-Pop General: DIA edition

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/hr/ resources (outdated):

Twitters and Instagrams (outdated):

Music videos download links:

New guide:

Tcafe guide:
(Note: tcafe's URL is now . Check for the newest URL whenever the current one is down)

Script to change file names to hangul:

Tistories :

Archived threads (outdated):

Steam group:

Last thread:
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Lisa Olivia Munn

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last thread >>2931508
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Taylor Swift - 50 days to "reputation" edition

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• TayTay has been sued for some "Shake it off" lyrics

Old News:
• Taylor dropped a new single "...ready for it?" [Embed]
• Both RFI? and LWYMMD are doing great in charts despite zero promotion
• Watch the sexiest Taytay video's ever: [Embed]
• Preorder "reputation":
• Taylor was the bridesmaid at her bff Abigail wedding

Previous thread >>2991384

Also fuck whoever made the nazi taylor thread.
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