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Did soldiers of different armies ever fight alongside each other in the world wars?

Like, did Germans fight on the same battlefield as Italians in Africa, or did French and British share trenches in ww1?
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Uncovering the African Presence in Medieval Europe

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How common was it for Black Africans to live in medieval Europe? Apparently, very!

Sometime in the late sixth century, a priest named Stephen, in Auxerre, France, was asked by his bishop to write a biography of a fifth-century saint. What makes this cache of documents unique, however, is that two different ninth-century sources referred to Stephen as Stephanus Africanus: “Stephen the African.” Europeans travelled to Africa; the reverse should be expected.

Africans, whether anonymous or more well-known, did move to Western Europe during the early parts of the Middle Ages. Africans held positions of power and influence, but many more—as evidenced by the burials in England—were seemingly ordinary people.

“Europe” as a concept is less than useful. In the twenty-first century, it is surely now more important than ever to also tell these stories, and to reincorporate Africa and its people into our ideas of the medieval world.
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Argentina 60-70-80s

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Can we have a retro Argentina thread?

What can you tell me about this period, after Peron's first era in the 50s?

From outside eems like a very unexplored place and period, yet interesting at the same time.
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Would it have worked?

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Why did Sweden become christian slower than Norway and Denmark?
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What economic ideology is better than laissez-faire free market capitalism?
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Horse Archers

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will there ever be something as effective in the art of warfare???
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Besides Marie Curie, who are some important women scientists, inventors, philosophers, and just over all clever women?