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Post your own album art you've made, even for a real or fake band/artist. As long as it is some sort of album cover you have made, post it
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Space agency

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What is /gd/'s opinion on my logo for a privatized space agency?

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How do I make this look better?

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How can I get better at cutting characters out of backgrounds? I tried using the polygonal lasso tool but I feel like I can't get a good enough cutout to use on a mug. The edges still retain their colour and it's hard to get precise cuts around the hair.

Are there standard techniques for this kind of thing?
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Golden Ratio daily Logo Challenge

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I have started a daily logo design challenge using golden ratio. i'm in my second week now. Check it out on Behance :

Attached is the latest image : Chicken
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My first personal project this year in my Graphic Design class

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Critical opinions welcome.
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what makes album/mixtape art so beautiful?

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/gd/ what's your opinion on photo manipulation? Is it considered a form of graphic design if done right?

Yes stupid question but I'm curious.
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/g/ is making a web browser, and have a logo ready >>>/g/netrunner

what could be improved /gd/?
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/fst/ - Font Share Thread 50

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>Old threads
Also try looking in the two archives that index /gd/
(Please note: links from past threads are most likely dead)

>Specimen generator:

>Please do your due diligence before requesting the font used in an image

Previous Thread
>>310283 (Dead)
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