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>yfw you've been getting along with/lit/ all day but then you realize they're actually a communist book club
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What are /fitlit/'s favourite movies?
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What is the ideal /fitlit/ book and why is it Meditations?

“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”
t. Marcus Aurelius

Inner strength and functional strength are the tools of the /fitlit/erati
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why this board still around
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Last digit tell you how many pages to read
Last two tell you how many push ups to do

Hard mode add a digit
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What's the most /fit/ religious denomination?
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/fitlit/ questions thread

/lit/ people trying to get more /fit/, /fit/ people trying to get more /lit/, ask away without fear
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This is a big board

fph / iph

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fat people hate / illiterate people hate

does /lit/ know any illiteratekino? here's a couple fatkinos


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Before it ends

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/lit/ promise me you will exercise more

/fit/ promise me you will read more
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