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A simple proof that "MUH CALORIES" shit you guys spew is unscientific nonsense.

>eating 3500 calorie surplus is supposed to lead to 1 lb of fat gained.
>Vegetable oil contains 900 calories per 100 grams.
>3500 calories worth of vegetable oil weights only 0.88lbs.
>Eating 0.88lbs of vegetable oil is somehow supposed to make you 1lb heavier

Violates conservation of mass, retards.
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Skol! Edn.

Is there any problem with going straight from a cutting phase (say 12 weeks) to your planned bulking phase the very next day?

Is the procedure to eat at maintenance for a while or can I go straight to the muscle building already.
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Post best ingredients to get be it for the nutritional value, their effects or their taste giving nature despite being relatively healthy.
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How do we battle the cancerous shit in this video
Seriously, watch it, its the most disappointing rage inducing video I have ever seen. Why is our mainstream culture so ok with settling with mediocrity?
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Asses of /fit/

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ITT Post your gloots and 1 RM

295 lbs pls dont bully
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Post your goal body
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What do u guys do to save some time in the gym?
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hypertrophy as a novice

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Is it alright to add 5x10 lighter/manageable loads after main 3x5 work?
What about same sets/reps for accessory work? Maybe even supersetting accessories

For example:
> Bench press: 3x5 100% + 5x10 @ 60%
> Squat: 3x5
> Rows: same as Bench
> Triceps extensions: 5x10 @ 70%
> Curl: 5x10 @ 70%
> Lateral raises: 5x10 @ 70%
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What's /fit/'s opinion on vaping?
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