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Why do the fashion-obsessed dress like shit?
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Roblox Empire General - /reg/

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Volume X: We back
Volume IX: >>/vg/76691121

"There's a roblox general now?"
we've been here for like a three years


CURRENT PROJECTS (because who's gonna scroll that far down in the pastebin)
/reg/ museum 2
boku arithmetic
club spectrum

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: unlike the last multiple threads have said, there will probably be no "rooting out the normies" as whypop is ded and when he's not ded he's still ded. just like this general!

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: if you're just joining us now you gotta post your name in the thread before we let you into the group. also you picked the worst time to join us
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/vr/ clothing

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Hey /fap/ can we get a /vr/ thread?
Old games have some pretty neat designs on clothes. Think one could have a thread and discuss this?
[spoilers] maybe armor, and it's functionality as well? or is this too /vr/ for you guys [/spoiler:lit]

The blue tailed coat of Richter was pretty stylish looking, and most of the Final Fantasy clothes are a bit ridiculous looking, but are they aesthetically pleasing to you guys?

Roblox lewd thread

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Post your best Roblox lewds.

Remember though, this is a blue board.

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cop or not?

Rare timbs

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should i cop?