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Color Thread

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post any inspo of pics/fits that are colorful

i dont have enough, trying to stray away from wearing so much black shit
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Who's the most /fa movie character
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Fuccboi general /fbg/

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Ask your stupid questions and fuccboi shit here.
qtddtot yadda yadda

lets start
anyone got some good kepi caps that they can share with me?
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TWG - Techwear Geneal

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Welcome to techware general. Post your techwear clothing drops, fresh kicks, urban warrior fits and leave the draama at the door. DM @waru_kami for TWG Discord access.
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Hey everybody! This is my second post ever
Last time I posted here people told me to lurk more..

Anyway, I just got this new bomber jacket
I've been seeing a lot of you fellow anons posting them and knew I had to have one!

What do you guys think?
I am in love with it!

Have a goodnight
Take care!
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Is SLP dead? It was worn to shit by celebrities about 3 years ago then the public caught on to it about 2 years ago now its seemed to have watered down to where we have a bunch of fagboi nerd high school softies wearing it. Do you think SLP is long gone?
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Interior thread

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How would you make this room more interesting?

Also, general interior thread
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This motherfucker never replied before the thread died. What's the answer?


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old one nearing 300
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