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Titanium Casting

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Any way to cast pic related without spending crazy bucks?

>what's the Best way to heat?
>which crucible to use?
>how to shield oxygen from fucking things up?
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Come watch me fix this old boat
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qtddtot - roofing edition

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Didn't see a qtddtot so qtddtot.

I built an awning that is 24x12' wanting to use polycarbonate roofing, I was able to get SunTuf by palram at homedepot.

The problem: I have seen a lot of different examples of how to mount metal and plastic roofing. Each method is very different. Palram (the manufacturer) wants me to use horizontal closure strips on each purlin, joining the plastic panel from the panels' top ridges through the closure strips. Home depot doesn't sell closure strips that fit these panels anywhere in my state, but they sell a shit ton of the plastic roofing. Makes me think they know the palram way is bull. They do sell the "Vertical closure strips" for finishing the edge. They do have foam horizontal closures that would last a few weeks, I wont waste my time with that crap.

All methods agree to predrill the panels to allow for expansion and contraction. The framing is easy for the awning, there are just too many variations to attach the polycarb panels for me to decide.
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This is kinda halloween, kinda electronics, kinda rc car related. Trying to make a moving object, like a baby carriage, or tricycle by controlled by rc, and use the other rc car controls to move the demon baby

My idea is too take an rc car, or two if need be, take the electronics from the cars motor, and run it through a relay to control a larger, 12v motor instead.
My problem is going in reverse. I could double use a double pole, double throw, using the drive motor wires for forward, and the steering motor wires for reverse by having the polarity reversed on that one. Or just use single pole single throw for both

But is there a way to push the polarity reversal through a relay, thereby only using one relay and one set of inputs to contol the larger motor?

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I'm doing a wood project that will have plants and people in direct contact with a wooden bedding, frame, and water run off. The water run off is recycled.

My issue is the wood splitting from the supplier. The wood is good other than a few cracks/splits in it. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of an excellent, waterproof sealant/adhesive that can fill the cracks, cure/harden to a natural or clear color, and then I will be painting over it with a shellac coat.

I originally thought I could seal the cracks with shellac, but it isn't working so well. Does anyone know if there is an edible glue that doesn't leach toxins into a water supply that can help seal cracks in wood?

Tabletop Minis

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Hey there! /tg/-lurker here.

I am doing an RPG campaign with some friends and I want it to have a pixelated aesthetic about it.

Does anyone have some ideas about things I could use to make neat/nice miniatures?

I don't wanna use Perler-beads and I don't have a 3D printer.

I really wanna do something mildly-sturdy and small, so papercraft is less-than-ideal too.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Welding virginity.

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I'm looking to get into welding, will be using it to build a few tables and racks and stuff as I'm also setting up a small shed workshop to hobbyist knife making. I'll also be using it to tack rebar to billets and other small things. Ave told me to get a stick/arc welder and I guess thats good? I've never welded before, and I don't feel like doing a course so I'll be learning off youtube, but might be able to find a friend to help me learn.

What should I buy, is this a good idea or is it noob bait?

Also what forum should I be asking these learner welder questions on?

Life casting

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I plan on making a mold of my ear and just my ear. Do I need this? I feel like if I want it to keep its shape I can just use a disposable cup.
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SCENARIO: In the next ten years there is a global nuclear catastrophe. You know that it will happen some time in this time period, but you have no warning exactly when it will occur so you have to live at the ready during this extended period of time. How and where do your build your house to survive the coming apocalypse?

HARD MODE: You are just an average person with an average salary, and only possess the skills that you already do in real life. Furthermore, your house must be practical for living in, within range of your day job, and not just some autistic superbunker.

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