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DuckTales 2017

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Two days until the show officially starts, are you hyped?
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MAD #263-267 (1986) storytime

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5 x 1 = Another five-issue MAD marathon!

Do the math, compare answers, and remember to BUMP if you're reading!
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cartoon character who remind you of yourself

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For me it's Rick Sanchez. Intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor. (Plus the suicidal tendencies).
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Amelia Bedelia autistic
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Big Hero 6 The Series

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Do you think he's wearing anything underneath that robe?
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>Some creators made a private Facebook page to harass D&C
>A man with low production values, shit research, and a coughing problem has 40,000 subscribers just by talking about SJW shit and has now become the center of attention due to twitter drama
>People are trying to start a #comicgate
>Mr. Metokur now knows
>D&C will have a "civil conversation" with Mark Waid
>People are STILL using outdated panels and treating them as new
>Rich is going to leach off this
>People are saying the industry is going to crumble even harder now

This hobby is going to end up in even more smoke isn't it?
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This is not a joke.
I repeat, this is not a joke. It's real.
Mods this is a thread about an active webcomic, please don't delete.
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Marvel on why readers hate them

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>Marvel: Fuck you, Readers! You just hate are books because you all are sexist!!!! Sexist!!!!! Our books are literally the bestest things ever created!!!!!!! REEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Sexists!!!!!

is Marvel really this oblivious?
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