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>eating meat that isn't prepared by a kosher butcher
>eating any sort of non-kosher meat in general
>mixing milk and meat
I seriously hope you guys don't do shit like this.

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>essential bread-core

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With recipes and how-to videos so readily available online, is there any reason to invest in a cookbook?
If so, which cookbook has been your favorite?
t. newfriend

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Name a more iconic /ck/ related duo.
I'll wait.

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What do you think of this sandwich, /ck/?
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Who here sipp'n? What are you going to use your energy to accomplish?
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Is it /ck/ino?
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Post your best dip recipe

8 o.z. cream cheese
1/2 cup ranch
1/2 franks red hot original
2 cans shredded chicken
Stir on low for about a minute until everything mixes
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al/ck/ IRC Edition

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Last one is gonna start falling off the board

we've made an IRC, so if anyone of you want to chat with fellow al/ck/s click this link, and of course, we're all drunk:
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