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Kemono Friends impressions

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I can see why you guys like this so much. It's very cute and heartwarming.

Who else here is watching Kemono Friends for the first time?
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Post smug animals.
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So is /can/ a permanent secret board now?
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kot is cute!
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Kot Thread

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Post your blinis
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>Thread about Lola being the queen of /can/ gets 404
>Judy thread still >>22953

looks like the mods are judyfags

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staaaay fresh!
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Cyclops/Monoeye Thread #13 - /can/ edition

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I know its Aprils First, but the First Day of the Month is also a Monoeye Day.

So, new cyclops Thread. Previous thread seems to be missing, so I might as well start a new one. Also, Cyclops animals also welcome.
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Horo bread
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