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Post your worst (or most expensive) Crypto mistake
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>Applied to a job
>Finally got an interview
>Realized it requires me to drive 40 minutes
>No car
>No bus route takes you there
>2 hour bikeride one way
Im finished...
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Daily reminder that Bitcoin was worth $900 in the beginning of the year.
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The 3 golden rules to not get btfo.

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1. do NOT invest in ICOs

2. do NOT daytrade

3. buy btc
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Help me make a counter offer biz:

Here's the situation. I have interviewed for received an offer for a job at the corporate level for my company. Feels good man. Getting out of the small town and going to... Well a bigger town.

However, they came in *way* under salary wise what I was expecting- my first interview with a recruiter he asked me what I expected to make. Since the range on Glassdoor was so huge (60k to 140k) I asked him what he thought was appropriate. "Well, if you said 130k that would be too high, 70k would be too low." So I shot for the middle.

But now my offer is considerably lower than what I asked for. Partially based on the fact that I would not be located in the bay area like I planned, but a smaller city outside of that (still Cali, still 40% higher CoL than where I live now).

It's still a raise in absolute terms, but when I plug in the CoL adjustment, I'll only be making about 4% more than I am now. Mind you, I'll have to move about 4 hours away, give or take, from where I am now. It's not like I'm adding 15 minutes to my commute, I have to uproot everything, rent out or sell my house, my girlfriend is coming with and her whole family is here, etc etc.


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Rate my blockfolio

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I will rate yours back. Let's rate each others
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>bought Litecoin at $70

Big Goals Thread

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Can we get one of these going?
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