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Eureka 7

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I never liked Eureka 7, because of the surfan robots, terrible voices, and Renton being such a pussy. But I finally decided to download and watch it. Surfan robots turned out to be pretty cool, subs > dubs, and Renton turns out to not be that bad towards the end.

Last night, I marathoned the last 10 episodes, and I felt like shit afterward. First, I usually feel like shit after I finish a series, because I have nothing to watch or look forward to anymore. Secondly, they were so in love, a kind of innocent love that doesn't exist in the real world.

I usually make fun of anons when they talk about hugging their pillows at night when they are going to sleep, but last I hugged my pillow so hard, and pretended that it was Eureka and that she loved me.

I haven't given up on love because I'm an ugly, fat, unsocial failure. I've given up because no girl will ever love me as purely and honestly as they do in anime, and, even worse, I know that I can never love anyone that much either.

So, this is a Eureka 7 thread, post some good pictures, because I don't have any. This is my current wallpaper.