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Hey fags bitching about the Bleach threads, shut up. The /a/-/jp/ split is a great idea, but unfortunately happened during a shitty season of epic proportions.

As much as /a/ trolls Bleach, secretly we all watch it every week because it once was decent and it doesn't take itself seriously. Shitty season + animutalk only = Bleach discussions.

Look at the bright side. There's no "WUTZ UR FAV BANKAI I LIKE HITSUGAYA ICE DRAGON ITS AWESOME YOU BAKA" like on forums that shall not be named, and Naruto (save a few /jp/trolls) and Inuyasha, which are shitty even compared to Bleach, are still nowhere to be found on /a/.

Don't worry, April will come, and so will decent shows, worthy of memes and serious discussions alike.