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Back in my freshman year of high school (03-04) I had this friend who, like myself, was into anime. He had some family that lived in Japan and one of his cousins was always going on about Death Note. So I found some scans an enjoyed the first volume or so and then pretty much forgot about it. So several years later there's a Death Note animu and I'm enjoying it so I go out and buy the manga. Around this time, everyone I knew suddenly would not shut the fuck up about this show. I got so fucken sick of it I just stopped watching/reading. I tried to eventually go back and at least watch the anime but I had heard about the ending and all I could do was facepalm. Now, I like shitty popular shows too; I eat up KyoAni bullshit like candy, I enjoyed both Gurren Laggen and Lucky Star. But this show is no different than Naruto or Bleach or even DBZ. Instead of power levels you get Yugioh style card tricks via: "HAH, I HAVE YOU RIGHT WHERE I WANT YOU!!" "ORLY, I THINK IT IS I WHO HAVE YOU, FOR WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW IS THAT WHILE YOU THOUGHT BLANK I WAS REALLY BLANK" ":'O"

tl;dr: shows whose popularity you can't grasp.

Also, Bel Air.