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I lean back in the bench, which I swear it's purpose built to be uncomfortable. Stretching my arms out, I regain my comfort spot. That's better. I reach out for my jacket's inner pocket, poking around to skip this song in the playlist. The music player changes it's tune, silencing the real world around me.
After some time, I feel a hint of boredom creeping in. Noticing that my lips are stuck in a straight line again, I decide to focus instead in the faces of the passing humans. I waste some time, imagining their lives.
An unmoving face across me. Unfocused eyes staring into a wall, her lips making the same line I notice I'm still making. The fact that it's a female with no company in sight triggers the hunter/gatherer inside me. In quick glances, trying to hide the fact that I'm gauking, I catch her features. Red longish hair, pretty clear eyes, healthy enough body. Not a drop-dead beauty, but definitely an attractive girl.
I start to draw out scenarios in my mind. Maybe I could approach her. I should be able to make at least small talk. Time moves slowly as I fight myself, gathering courage to walk up to the other side and just greet her. Different parts of my mind bark out commands, telling me to not even bother, all women are evil and pig disgusting 3D. I turn off the mp3 player with trembling hands. Anxious, sweaty palmed, and still frozen in the bench after 15 minutes of staring. I can't help but to smile at my own pathetic situation.
Some guy approaches her. Her face lights up, a smile dancing in her lips. Her eyes glitter and fire up with, something; It's been so long, I can't remember the feeling. I continue to steal away some looks at her radiant self, as she happily chats away with, I can only guess, it's a normal, healthy, young man. My very opposite. The self deprecating smile returns. I knew it wasn't worth trying. Closing my eyes under the spring sun, I turn the player back on shuffle. Rainbow girl starts to play.