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Ok this is my first time coming to /a/ newfag etc. But I downloaded the entire Rurouni Kenshin series, all 95 episodes but I have yet to finish the movies. I just got done with the last episode and I have to say that was a horrible ending to the series, it told us nothing of what happened to Kenshin and Kaoru besides the fact that they lived happily ever after blah blah. But it was hard not to laugh at the last episode because of the constant use of real life image stills and actual video of ocean waves used as a background. It feels like I should not of watched the final episode as it just too generic 'and they lived happily ever after'. It seems like this anime was a children's book in disguise, teaching not to kill, have faith, love will prevail, bad guys never prevail. All of those things are included in this anime and it feels like I've been cheated too, I almost don't feel like watching the movies but I'll probably end up doing so anyway. I'm just angry because I'm sure they could of thought of a much better and less generic ending to such a long series. But for the other 94 episodes I have to say were mediocre, Kenshin had 4 or 5 moves he constantly used, he never seemed to die no matter how many times he got stabbed and burned *see fight with Shishio*, I know animes aren't supposed to be in sync with reality but getting stabbed that many times even in an anime just didn't make sense. Maybe I'm missing some big picture or something I'm not sure, but I am sure of this, I wasted a good portion of time watching this series. If someone wants to convince me this wasn't a waste of time, go ahead.

fucking nostalgia goggles