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Death Note/Batman

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Just out of curiosity, is Light supposed to resemble a twisted version of Batman? Their habits and personalities are strikingly similar.

Double Life: Light is a genius and so is Bruce Wayne. Both live double lives as alter egos, taking out criminals as Batman and Kira. Bruce and Light are pretty popular with women in their respective worlds. Ryuk is truly neutral in the conflict but resembles Alfred Pennyworth in a few ways.

Crime fighting: Both are obsessed with ridding the world of criminals, one a vigilante and the other a murderer who believes his is a sort of righteous justice. Both have time to plan their ways of getting rid of criminals and usually succeed.

On an interesting note, L also resembles Batman in a way, as he solves the most difficult cases all by himself and goes under an alias as well. His assistant Watari even resembles Alfred.