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It was the first day of semester 2 and we had P.E first up, a totally new class, i was worried there'd be noone i knew in my class, but my worries would soon be over.
Well i didnt really know ne1 in my class so i just joined in with a group of about 6 good lookin girls.At first i didnt speak i just listened, they were talkin bout something that didnt really intrest me so i was staring off into space.When one of the girls, in fact the hottest one there, brang up the topic of shitting.It caught my attention straight away,she said that she enjoys shitting and explained in detail the feelin of a thick turd oozing out of her a*sho*e.My immediate reaction was "Ewwww, thats gross!!" (but i thought about it, and quite frankly i was a little turned on)She said "No its not its great, just sit there and enjoy it next time u need to go."Ne way the group all kept on talking about it and i was getting involved, when the same girl who started the convo said, "Hey u know what else is cool, seeing sum1 else shit!"I said "Hrmmm i wonder what that'd be like?".Myself, the original girl and 2 others said i need to have a shit right now.We all agreed that ! we'd hold it until afta class and watch each other in the change rooms.