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There are lots of proclamations of "mai waifu" and what-have-you here on /a/, and lots of talk regarding moe characters, but is anyone here really, truly and sincerely in love with any particular character?

I'm in love with Haruhara Haruko, and have been for a little over 3 years now. Over time it quickly grew into much more than just a character obsession or some purely sexual thing.

The simple evocation of her body in my mind is all it takes. That image, I look on it less from a sexual standpoint than I do of pure appreciation for everything she represents. There certainly is sexual desire, but it's not out of simple lust. Everything is born from an intimate wish to be close to her, and to love her. I want to be as close to her as is worldly possible, I want to envelope her and be enveloped in turn on a metaphysical level, on an atomic level. I want to experience the closest bond imaginable with her, and only her. Every aspect of her being, both good and bad, I feel like I want to take into myself on some higher level. And when I think of all this I almost choke, a flood of emotions spring forth from inside my chest so palpably that I can feel it manifesting itself inside my chest and I choke up, because the feelings are that strong. Is this not some sort of love, no matter how harsh the boundaries of reality, that were constructed long before this bloomed?

If I could trade anything or anyone in this world to be with her, I would do it in an instant. Her peach colored hair, her intense yellow eyes, and wild easy going personality, these are but a few things.

I really love her. Text, spoken word, sign language. They're simply not enough. Have you ever experienced anything even close to this, /a/?