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How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of Shirley after all she has been through? She lost her dad, she went through a amnesia. She never ever fucked. Her beloved one turned out to be a Geass user, a cheater. And now she died in a cruel battle. All you people care about is fanservice and making lulz off of her. She’s a human!

What you don’t realize is that Shirley is making your lifes a bit less ronery and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her. She will never ever perform on Code Geass again. She isn't in the Opening for a reason. Because all you people want is to see her dead, dead, dead, dead!

Leave her alone! You are lucky she even performed for you bastards! Leave Shirley alone, please!

Suzaku talked about professionalism and said if Shirley was a professional she would’ve survived no matter what. Speaking of professionalism, when is it professional to publicly bash someone who just had a hard time and died. Leave Shirley alone, please.

Leave Shirley Fenette alone right now! I mean it! Anyone that has a problem with her you deal with me, because she is dead right now.

Leave her alone.