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Why Geass will never end

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I finally realized, probably much later than the esteemed Anonymous, why Code Geass isn't fun to watch anymore, at least not how it used to be. It's shifted from a hit-or-miss political drama that needed Pizza Hut billboards in every background to the mech-army equivalent of Bleach.
Code Geass is now a shonen long-runner.
Think on it now. The three pillars of shonen: fights, fanservice, and FABULOUS! Although that last might be fanservice too. Hm. Anyway, Geass might still have an intriguing myth arc - just like Bleach started with - but now it just centers on characters, in a bad way. They're either sexy or dangerous or both. How many Nunnaly-type only-there-to-be-protected characters have been introduced in R2? None. Did we get shots of C.C. in her underwear in the first season? No. A ten-year-old in a skimpy wedding dress? No.
Fights. They all get flying mecha! With obvious differences in powerlevels, and if you power up you can defeat those beneath you! It's Bleach! If you train to become stronger, or discover an inner strength, you can win your fights. Which is all you do, fight.
So, Geass started out like a classy Western royal drama like Dumas would have loved. Not that that's fine art or anything, but Bleach started the same way generally, a cool enough story with actual variances in motivation, but now they're both centered on leveling up. Be glad we didn't get an episode for Suzaku and Toudou's fight.