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She looked both scared and confused, her eyes wide, as though to express suprise and shock, yet at the same time pleading as if to say "Do you know what you are doing? Are you just joking?" I started caressing her tiny body all over rapidly, letting my hands linger around her flat chest.

"Ahhh, so nice and flat and small..." I said quietly, more to myself than to her. She realized that I was serious, and started to whimper a little, whimpering which quickly turned to crying, albeit muffled by the tape over her mouth. I really did care for her, even in this moment, and wanted her to understand.

"Please, no! Do not cry, please. You know me, you know that I will not hurt you. I promise that I will not hurt you, okay? I just...can not resist you anymore. But I will be careful and gentle, so please do not cry!"

I had been a friend of the Mihama family for many years, and ever since I met them, I had not been able to stop thinking about their daughter, Chiyo. I always knew that I was a pedophile, but after seeing her, not only did adult women cease to interest me, but no other person seemed to turn me on quite like her. Every night from that first time that I saw her, I would fantasize about loving her.