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So I had this very weird dream about Clannad, and no, it wasn't sexual, and it didn't involve me at all, it was some sort of an alternate end, a BAD END.
Also, WARNING the following text may be tl;dr

After graduation, the main cast (including a normal girl Fuuko and minus Sunohara) move to some sort of old abandoned dorm. While visiting the dorm for the first time, Tomoya notices a silhouette watching them through a window. Apparently its a ghost, Tomoya can't make out his face, but somehow notices the ghost seems distressed about something. Since he's the only one to notice, he just ignores it (he's cool like that).

They start living together in the dorm as a big family, with Fuuko acting as Tomoya and Nagisa's daughter of sorts. In the outside everything looks fine, but in the inside, living together has made Kotomi, the twins and Tomoyo, feel left out and very jealous of Nagisa (and to a lesser extend, Fuuko). This makes everyone go either yandere or insane, eventually causing everyone's death.

Kotomi is the first to go, she commits suicide, overwhelmed by her feelings and not knowing how to deal with them. Next, Kyou wants to kill Nagisa, but Ryou (who hasn't gone completely yandere yet) tries to stop her, they end up killing each other in the ensuing fight. While all this happens, Tomoya, Nagisa and Fuuko are oblivious to the reason, they just attribute it to bizarre accidents. Tomoya keeps seeing a ghost at everyone's death scene, but still ignores it.