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Would you just listen to me for a little bit? See, I went to 4chan today. Right. 4chan. And the damn place was packed so full of people, I couldn't even find a thread. So I looked around a bit, and I found a thread that said "you should be able to solve this". What the hell is wrong with you people? Are you idiots or something? Way back in the day you wouldn't even think of going to /a/, but if it's fagged up, you all flock in here? It's just turned gay! FUCKING GAY! And you're bringing the gaia kids too. Look at that, a Gaia Guild going to /a/. Con-fucking-gratulations. And now the guy's going, "All right! xXSephirothXx's going to post Lucky Star!" Shit, I can't watch any more of this.

/a/ should be fucking brutal. Two guys sit facing each other across the internet, and you never quite know if they'll suddenly just handing out PROMOTIONS. It's stab-or-be-stabbed, and that's what so damn great about the place. Gaiafags and underage B& should stay the fuck away.

Well, I finally found a thread, but then the anon before me posts /a/radio. So now I'm pissed off again. Who the fuck posts /a/radio these days? Why are you looking so goddamn proud when you say that? I was gonna ask you, are you really going to fucking sit around all day ban evading? I wanted to fucking interrogate you. For about a fucking hour. You know what? I think you just wanted to say "moot agreed, don't bother him".

Now, take it from the /a/ veteran. The latest thing among the anon pros is this: a sage script. That's the ticket. A large thread with GAR characters, and manly tears. This is what someone who knows his shit posts. They put in more sage, and less fail. A large thread with the raw hate, that's really fucking awesome. Now, you should know, if you keep posting this, there's a risk a mod might ban you. This really is a double-edged sword. I really can't recommend this for newfags.