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On the Philosophy of pure GAR.

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Good evening /a/,
I do not generally browse your fine pages, as I haven't been an "anime fan" proper for a number of years now. Oh I watch the occasional show, but I consider about 99% of what that the Japanese anime industry produces currently to be pretty much complete and utter crap.
But enough of my background.
I am here to discuss something of a bizzare nature that seems to be a central focus of many an anime, yet which so few shows manage to achieve. The pure undulating spirit, known best as the adjective "Gar." Sheer concentrated awesome. Manliness. The essense of human optimism brought out and exaggerated to the fullest extent possible.
As it stands, a number of shows in the shounen genre attempt with varying degrees of success to bring out this element in their storytelling and characters. After all, when one looks at the perfect case study for this phenomenon, Gurren Lagann (picture related, spelling probably not as much) it seems to be fairly simple, correct? Overblown battles, unyielding optimism in the face of an emeny that dwarfs the main character completely. Bittseweet love. But if the premise is so simple, why do so many shows falter and fail in thier portrayal of the sheer awesome?
Exhibit one. Escaflowne. This in itlsef is a fine show, an attempted merge of the shonen mecha genre with the shoujo element of love, highschool girls, magic hocus pocus, and way too many love interests. Question one, can it be described as awesome? No, not particularly. It's very pretty, and has a very intruiging plot, great characterization. Postulate: The show does not attempt to be so, it relies on fundamentally different principles to draw the character in.